Ever wondered what the worlds hardest game is?

World's Hardest Game - Only For Most Skilled Players

Did you always wanted to know what the toughest game on the world is? Then you are at the right place. This website is devoted to The World's Hardest Game. 30 levels of nightmare will make your time fly! Can you get all the way to the end of the game? Play bellow! Bookmark and share here!

What is World's Hardest Game all about?

When it comes to finding most challenging and most annoying free online game at the same, the choice is too obvious: you just can't afford to miss out on all the fun Worlds Hardest Game can give you. Oh, this game, in all its simplicity will provide you with the hours and hours of gameplay like no other game out there on the Internet. There is no fancy graphics, no interesting superheroes, just plain old 2D surface with some moving bits here and there. But addictiveness of this simple puzzle game is something that other flash games are lacking in. So simple, yet so hard.

So you have played the game, but can't beat all levels? Worry not, because you can always watch Game walkthrough and discover one of the many ways to beat most baffling game on the planet. Walkthrough is truly amazing, since the author of the video has only made 3 mistakes in all thirty levels, which is something that almost no one can achieve.

In case you do manage to somehow navigate through all levels, you are ready for second installment of the roughest game ever. Worlds Hardest Game 2 and number 3 can also be played right here, and are equally amazing as part one, with one exception: now you'll have to overcome 50 tough levels. Read full game review bellow!

The World's Hardest Game Ever - Incredible Addictiveness

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If you are the type who thinks that the most troublesome game ever need to have cool graphics and awesome effects, you are gravely mistaken. On the contrary, all you need to have is a bunch of squares, dots, some simple instructions and goals and, voila, you've got yourself a good basis for making the most challenging game the world has ever seen! This game possesses all of the above mentioned parameters, and you will never even guess how terribly addictive it is, unless you try it out yourself. The World's Hardest Game is a game of survival, pain, danger, and, of course, hardship. Even though this troublesome game ever is full with different colors, some more good than the others, it is bound to show you that playing it is not as easy as it seems. Sure, at first, you will deny the fact that this game could be the actual world's hardest game. Nevertheless, you will be proven wrong soon enough.

Why Is It the World's Hardest Game?!

First of all, you are a square. In fact, you are a small, red square. This already makes your existence hard and troublesome. Why? Simply because you are supposed to make it through numerous different levels, each harder than the previous one. In these different world, full with hard facts about your survival possibilities, you are supposed to collect any yellow circles available. On the other hand, you must avoid the blue circles at all time, since, making contact with them will mean certain death. This is where the world's toughest gameplay gets in the action. The blue circles will move, making it almost impossible for you to seek refuge across the level, collect the yellow dots and get to the green part at the other side. Here, the world's hardest game will show its face completely, because, to be honest, you will surely fail to achieve your task plenty of times.

Finally, you will die a lot. This is one of the main characteristics of the game, emphasizing its name. Staying alive and completing the level will be the hardest goal in this game's world. Moreover, the very fact that your success, if you happen to complete the game, measures by the number of times you died. Thus, the least deaths you have, the better you will score. There, you got the drill. Now, go! Indulge into the hardest gaming world, our world has ever experienced, play the game now!

Level Trivia

And for the end, if you fail going over all 30 levels, read about level teaser lines bellow:

  • L1: You don't know what you're getting into.
  • L2: Don't even bother trying.
  • L3: I can almost guarantee you will fail.
  • L4: That one was easy.
  • L5: This one is easier than your mother.
  • L6: Don't get dizzy now.
  • L7: How fast can you go?
  • L8: Don't get confuzed, now.
  • L9: How good are your reflexes?
  • L10: Harder than it looks.
  • L11: Just give up... it keeps getting harder.
  • L12: I hope you're not in a hurry.
  • L13: This is way too easy. Seriously. Not hard.
  • L14: It starts to get real tricky here.
  • L15: There's an easy way and a hard way.
  • L16: Give up, this one isn't even hard.
  • L17: You won't beat the game.
  • L18: This one is so hard you'll never do it.
  • L19: Not so easy, is it?
  • L20: It gets harder now.
  • L21: You've already lost.
  • L22: Don't choke.
  • L23: Around and around.
  • L24: This one isn't hard if you know the trick.
  • L25: You are probably getting frustrated.
  • L26: Shouldn't even take more than 2 deaths...
  • L27: Not hard at all.
  • L28: Baby want his bottle?.
  • L29: Might be tricky.
  • L30: Impossible.

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Game Instructions: You are the red square. Use arrow keys (left, right up and down) to navigate through each level. Your goal is to collect all of the yellow circles, and avoid the blue circles. Once you collect all of the yellow circles, move to the green field to finish level. When you are done with all 30 levels, then you submit your score. The less kills, the more you score. The easiest way to pass the level is to practice a lot. When you're done with part I, you can check out the Part #2 in the menu above.

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