Ever wondered what the worlds hardest game is?


What do you get when you mix baloons, darts and monkeys? (maybe you should check it out in The Impossible Quiz) The right answer is Bloons game. Bloons is a simple aim and fire game that has taken over the world of flash games over the night. If you enjoyed playing Bloons game, you can bookmark and share it right here!

Bloons - Simple Addicting Game

Bloons is a fun, very easy to understand game that offers fifty levels of fun, bloon popping fun. The aim of the game is to aim your monkeys darts to pop a target amount of bloons. Every level offers different obstacles and targets for you to complete in a bright, fun eye catching display of classical game play.

With every level comes more challenging and rewarding aims which keeps the player stimulated and entertained. You unlock different bonus, more bloons which takes the game up to a even higher level of excitment. Bloons allows you to be awarded as you reach higher levels to use different objects such as boomerangs and the classical pac-man to pop different Bloons, but be carful avoid popping the Ice Bloons as it could make the game harder!Bloons has fantastic sound effects included, you hear EVERY Bloon pop as your darts pierce their rubbary skin that has been so fantastically manufactured, yes EVERY BLOON! Bloons has simple and clear graphics of a good quality that allows you to achieve.

Many positive reviews have been made by people from all around the world. So many people have said its amazing, and, as it is ideal for peope aged 5-105 it's no wonder last year over two and a half MILLION people played this game. As it is possible to record your score and compare it with all the other players Bloons becomes addictive as you get the urge to complete a level or beat a high score.

Even if you fail to reach the target required to reach the next level, then Bloons give you endless opportunities to retry the level and try however many times necessary to reach the goal.

Because Bloons offers many levels it is possible to retrace your steps and access previous achievements on the levels even if your PC is turned off!

So whether its on a childs laptop early in the morning or a office PC during a lunch break, Bloons can be found playing anywhere. In order to play this game and pop those Bloons all you need to is aim with the mouse, hold down to build up the power and release to throw the dart. You need to destroy the minimum amount of Bloons to pass the entertaining levels. You will find yourself flying through a variety of fun, varying action-packed levels to work yourself up to Level Fifty.

There is a supportive and informative help guide to instruct you on how to play this game on YouTube. This is a video run through of all fifty levels, but this should not often be needed as Bloons is straight foward yet ridiculously addictive.

In conclusion, as online Flash Games go, Bloons rates up there as the best, featuring great graphics, a brilliant realistic sound score and a brilliantly adddictive game play. Find this game online now! BLOONS!

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Game Instructions: You are the monkey. Beat the Bloons game by bursting all of the balloons with darts. Okay, not all, just enough to pass the level. Use mouse to aim. Press left mouse button to add power to each dart throw. Release mouse button at the right time to make the dart fly to the right distance. Darts are limited, so be effective as much as you can. Lookout for the special balloons as they can harm you as well as help you.

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